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Finish and daily care?

All of our tables/wood benches are finished with a (low VOC) non-toxic, eco-friendly water-based top coat (satin, semi-gloss or gloss sheen). It helps protect the wood from damage and makes it suitable for everyday use. It’s very durable, water-resistant, low heat-resistant and cleans easily with a slightly damp soft cloth or spot clean with a mild soap and water mix if needed. Be sure to avoid excessive amounts of water and wipe dry after cleaning.

Always wipe up spills up as they happen. Placemats, trivets or coasters are recommended when necessary to help protect the finish. Refrain from any harsh chemicals or household cleaners that may damage the finish. Please reach out to us for further information.

Long-term care?   

Wood is a natural material and responds to environmental changes in temperature and humidity. Inconsistent or fluctuations in humidity levels in your home can cause the wood to expand or contract. This natural movement may cause wood furniture damage, such as (but not limited to) cracks, gaps or splits.  This is a natural and often uncontrollable characteristic of wood. Sun exposure can also alter the appearance of the wood over time. All of our furniture is intended for indoor use only. 

Long-term care tips:

Try to maintain consistent humidity levels in your home all year. Indoor humidity levels of 35-45% are ideal for wood furniture and keeping the temperature in the 60-80 degree range will work best.

The use of humidifier/de-humidifier may help balance the humidity in your home depending on time of year/your geographic location. Keep in mind, sudden changes in the humidity levels of your home can affect your wood furniture.

Inexpensive humidity gauges can help monitor the humidity level in your home year round.

Avoid placing your solid wood furniture near heat vents, fireplaces or any or other sources of extreme heat/cold

Avoid keeping your furniture in constant, direct sunlight

Hardware may loosen over time. Check periodically that any screws/bolt connections are tight.

If there is a need to store your furniture, it should be kept indoors, in a controlled climate environment. Avoid storing in attics, garages or basements. 

Please reach out to us directly for more information or have questions before purchasing.

Can my order be expedited?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an expedited service at this time. All orders are estimated for the current turnaround time stated in the description of each listing. Our current lead time is approximately 12-14 weeks.

Can I purchase just the table top?

Yes! Please reach out to us directly for more information regarding this option.

Do you have any other metal leg options?

We currently only offer the black metal hairpin legs or black metal post legs with select tables. If you’d like to source your own legs, we will happily sell just the table top. Please reach out for more info.

Custom and personalized orders?

Please reach out for custom size requests or matching benches. We’re happy to provide a quote! Please note: there may be some limitations on size requests or custom work.

Do you accept returns?

Due to each piece being handmade to order or custom, we do not accept returns, offer exchanges or issue refunds. All sales are final. Please reach out to us with any questions before purchasing.

Please note: Due to our work being completely handmade out of natural materials, slight imperfections, color variations, minor size variance or wood flaws are to be expected and will not be deemed as product defects, or reason for return.

Can your furniture be used outdoors?

No, all of our furniture is intended for residential indoor use only, in a climate controlled environment.

If there is a need to store your furniture, it should be kept indoors as well, in a controlled climate environment. Avoid storing in attics, garages or basements.